Lifeline is a federal program that provides discounted phone or internet services to eligible households. To enroll in this program, you need to earn less than a certain amount of income. 

If you meet this requirement, you might be able to enroll in benefits. However, you must first find a Lifeline provider. 

There are many different providers available throughout the country. These providers are phone companies that offer services in certain parts of the nation. 

Before you can apply for and enroll in Lifeline, you first need to find a provider. The following sections can help you figure out how to locate providers. You can also read the information below to learn about some of the best Lifeline providers in the country. 

What benefits does Lifeline offer?

Lifeline benefits are largely standardized throughout the nation. That’s because Lifeline is a federal program. This means that eligible individuals can enroll no matter where they live. 

When you sign up to get Lifeline, you can receive a discount on one of the following monthly services: 

  • Your home phone line 
  • Your cell phone plan 
  • Internet services 

You can choose one of these services to use your benefits toward. Your discount will be available to  you each month, and it’s valued at $9.25. 

However, different providers may offer packages that combine Lifeline services with their own discount programs. To make sure you’re getting the best deal for your situation, compare the various offers in your area. 

Does every state have the same Lifeline providers?

When you search for a Lifeline provider, it’s important that you do so based on the state you live in. Each area only has certain phone service providers who are eligible to offer Lifeline discounts. 

Just because you find a provider who offers Lifeline in one part of the country doesn’t mean those benefits are available in all states. 

For this reason, it’s important that you do research to determine which providers offer benefits in the state or city you live in. Otherwise, you might find that the provider you want to use doesn’t offer benefits in your area. 

How can I find Lifeline providers near me?

Before you can enroll in Lifeline, you need to find a provider near you. Fortunately, this is easy to do. 

You can check for Lifeline providers online. You can also call the Universal Service Administrative Co. (USAC) for assistance. 

If you have specific questions for a provider about their Lifeline services, you can also call the company directly. 

The representative you speak with should be able to tell you about the different services you can access through their business. He or she can also tell you if their company is authorized to provide Lifeline benefits where you live. 

Learn About the Top Lifeline Providers

There are many different Lifeline providers throughout the United States. Usually, these providers are larger companies that are well-known. 

The following sections provide information about some of the best Lifeline providers in the United States. If you’re interested in learning about the different benefits you can obtain through these providers, read the sections below. 


AT&T offers Lifeline benefits to households that qualify to enroll in this program. When available, this program offers staple services to individuals who need help affording their phone or internet bills each month. 

As of December 1, 2019, Lifeline enrollees will receive a minimum discount of $7.25 per month, which they can use toward their phone bills. However, households that use Lifeline to receive internet services are eligible for a $9.25 discount. 

In addition to Lifeline, AT&T also offers its own discount program to families who meet income eligibility requirements. This is referred to as the AT&T Access program. 

With Access, you can receive a discount to help you afford wireless internet at your home. If you qualify for Access and Lifeline, you can receive benefits through both of these programs. 

Access is available to residents in AT&T’s service area. It includes 21 different states. To learn more about these benefits through AT&T, contact your local store. 


Verizon is another major provider that offers Lifeline benefits to qualifying households. In order to receive benefits through this company, you must live in select parts of: 

  • New York. 
  • Wisconsin. 
  • Iowa. 
  • North Dakota. 

Note that these benefits are not available in all parts of the state. Check with your local Verizon store to see if Lifeline is available where you live. 

If you qualify for Lifeline through Verizon, you will be eligible to receive a discount worth at least $9.25. You can use this benefit to help reduce your monthly bill for your wireless services. 

There are two different Lifeline plans that Verizon offers. The first is valued at $25 each month. With the Lifeline discount, you only pay $15.75 each month. This plan includes: 

  • Monthly phone access (but you need a compatible wireless device). 
  • Unlimited mobile-to-mobile minutes. 
  • Unlimited texting. 

The other plan costs $19.99 per month, but with the Lifeline discount, recipients only pay $10.74. 

This plan requires users to have a home phone. With this option, households can make unlimited local and domestic long distance calls. 


T-Mobile offers Lifeline discounts to individuals who live in nine states and Puerto Rico. If you live in any of the following states, you could qualify for Lifeline through T-Mobile: 

  • Florida and Kentucky. 
  • Minnesota and Mississippi. 
  • New Mexico and Pennsylvania. 
  • Texas, Virginia and Washington. 

The state you live in determines the method you need to use to apply for benefits. 

If you enroll in T-Mobile’s Lifeline program, you can receive a minimum discount valued at $9.25 to use toward your monthly bill. If you live on Federally Recognized Tribal Lands, your monthly services may be available to you at an even lower cost. 

In terms of the services you can receive through T-Mobile’s Lifeline, offers can vary by state. However, there is a general postpaid plan that’s available to users. The plan’s sticker price is $19.99, but this does not include whatever Lifeline benefits recipients receive. 

Through this Lifeline rate plan, you can receive unlimited voice calls each month. If you have specific questions about different benefits that could be available to you, contact your local T-Mobile provider.